In this game you play as a wasp – see if you can build your nest and grow your colony in the face of unexpected hazards. Once you have a big enough colony you’ll get the option to lay eggs that turn into reproductive wasps. Make sure you disperse these special wasps in winter so they can find a mate and start their own colonies…

The game is based on the 'European paper wasp' using scientific research by Dr Seirian Sumner that has helped us understand the complex social lives of these fascinating insects.

This game is open source and made by FoAM Kernow


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pretty interesting game! it definitely could do with a little more work but overall very fun to play!

The game could use a little work, but awesome concept
I love this

So I've looked at your source code and I'm wondering how it works, 

What's the scm/jscm stuff (what langauge etc) and also, where does the init() function come from in js?

Thanks for the awesome game by the way

Thanks for the comments! The game is written in scheme (a functional language) which is compiled to js on the fly (see ditto.js in the source, which is where init is defined). There is also a full version with a leaderboard here: